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When most window cleaning companies clean windows on commercial buildings that have a lot of high windows, they either use tall ladders or lifts.  Sometimes using these tools is necessary for the job.  However, in many cases, there is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to clean windows on multi-story buildings.  This method is called a Tucker Pole Water-Fed Pole System and is offered to you by Crystal Clear Window Cleaning.

What is a Tucker Pole?  The Tucker Pole is a system that uses water de-ionizing tanks and a pole capable of reaching up to four stories to clean windows.  The Tucker Pole takes the regular tap water from a building’s outside water hook up and runs it through a purification system.  In this process, all of the minerals, chemicals and any other pollutants are removed from the water.  Since the water used is chemical-free, the water dries leaving no trace behind.  This system leaves your buildings' windows looking brand new.

Once the water is run through the purification tanks, it is then run into an extension pole  with a brush on the end of it. There is another hose attached that runs soap up to the brush. Once the glass is scrubbed, the d.i. water rinses it off. The reason for using purified water is that it eliminates the need for a squeegee. As such, it also eliminates the chance of streaks or drips on the glass because the d.i. water dries spot free.  When operating the Tucker Pole, we can safely and efficiently clean the window while never leaving the ground.

We can also clean your buildings' awnings and signs using the Tucker system just as effectively as we can clean the windows.

Give Crystal Clear Window Cleaning a call at (415) 239-2883 or e-mail cleanglass415@gmail.com for a free estimate.  We will give you prices for both traditional window cleaning as well as the tucker pole, so you can choose what’s best  for you and your business.

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