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Chemical Cleaning

Crystal Clear uses environmentally-friendly chemicals to remove hard water stains, masonry run-down, atmospheric pollution, dirt and bird droppings.  We can seal concrete and masonry and we also offer pressure washing / window cleaning “package deals”.  Sealing and pressure washing your building not only gives it a cleaner appearance, but reduces the run-down that stains your windows!  Our environmentally friendly chemical cleaning is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-toxic and will not yellow, cloud or haze your windows.

Chemical Cleaning Removes:

  • Hard Water Stains – Cleans windows and shower doors from water spots and mineral build up.
  • Masonry Run-off – Cleans your windows from mineral residues which often drip onto your windows during rain storms.
  • Atmospheric pollution – Cleans your windows from etching caused by pollutants in the atmosphere.
  • Dirt and Bird Droppings – Need we say more?

We recommend having chemical cleaning 1 to 2 times a year for maximum effectiveness and protection.

For more information concerning chemical cleaning contact a Crystal Clear Window Cleaning Representative at (415) 239-2883 or e-mail cleanglass415@gmail.com

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