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We don’t hurt them, we just make them leave.  It’s “Bye-bye, birdie…”

Pest Birds
Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, sparrows and seagulls pose many problems to home owners and property managers.  In San Francisco we are most afflicted by pigeons and seagulls.  They are quickly becoming both a serious nuisance and a health risk for property owners.  By roosting under eaves and by loitering atop buildings and signs, these birds quickly wear out their welcome.

The Problem
As these birds like to nest up high in crevices on rooftops, they frequent all of the area around their nesting grounds constantly.  Being the messy birds that they are, and given how quickly they multiply, pest birds can deface a home or building rather quickly.

Not only do their feathers and the twigs from their nests get scattered about, but their droppings build up on walkways, rooftops, patios and anything else that lies in their path.  Bird droppings, which are very acidic, can ruin the paint on a car, the stain on a deck, the paint on a house and anything else it is allowed to set on for very long.

Aside from the mess and damage that pest birds can create, there is an even more serious problem with their presence.  Pigeons can play host to nearly 60 different diseases including Bird Flu, Rickets and Salmonella.  Any person or pet who comes in contact with the mess left by these birds, the nests of the birds or the birds themselves are put at risk of contracting one of these diseases.  Not all of the illnesses are contracted by direct contact with bird droppings, either.  Some of these illnesses, such as the Bird Flu can become airborne and pose a threat to anyone in the near vicinity of the host.

Our Solution
At Crystal Clear, we are experienced in pest bird abatement.  We have several different means that we use for bird proofing a building or home.  Sometimes only one of these measures is necessary for the job, but many times we use a variety of different devices to ensure that the birds are not able to come back.  Below you will see several of the most common bird control devices we offer.  If you don’t see what you are looking for, just ask.

Bird-Flite Spikes
Bird-Flite Spikes are one of the most popular solutions in bird abatement.  The spikes we use are about 3 inches tall and can be installed by the inch or the foot.  Spikes are most useful in areas where there is a flat surface which birds are frequently sitting on.  Once the spikes are installed, birds are no longer able to loiter there.

Bird-Flite Spikes can be installed on virtually any surface once it is cleaned and within 24 hours of the install are solid as a rock.  Though the spikes are generally low in visibility, we can also paint them to match your house or building’s color, at your request.  Many clients choose this option because when the spikes match your house or building’s color, they really blend in and are hard to spot when standing on the ground.

Roosting Holes
One of the main reasons birds hang around a home or building is because they have a nest near by.  Pigeons like making their roosts in the sheltered space where the eaves come together on the roofs of homes.  They seek out places that are sheltered from the elements and that are high above the ground, thus making the tops of homes and buildings a favorite place for them.  When we bird-proof a house or building, we cover up all the sheltered areas on the roof with heavy duty hardware cloth.  When we install the covering, we go to every measure to make sure that it is adequately secured. 

Once the roosting holes are remedied, the birds are left with no other option but to move on to a different place.  We can also paint the hardware cloth to match your house or buildings color.  This option does make a big difference in the visibility of the installation and is preferred by most clients.

Bird Gel
Bird Gel has a similar result as Bird-Flite spikes.  Bird Gel is a very sticky, gel-like compound that birds hate.  It is applied to problem areas, much like the spikes are and discourages birds from landing there.  If a bird does come in contact with the gel, it does not hurt them – it just sticks to their feet and is quite unpleasant.  Birds don’t like it and, therefore, stay away. 

One advantage to using bird gel is that it can be applied in areas that may be too small for spikes to fit it.  Bird gel is also impossible to see from the ground.

Though there can be situations where netting is required to safeguard an area at a residence, this service is most popular at commercial properties.  One of the most common uses for putting up bird netting is to bird-proof an awning on a storefront or restaurant patio.

If birds are roosting on rafters or beams within an awning or in any other area, we can install nylon netting which will disallow any birds from getting to the problem area.  If there is an area where it would be simpler to put netting across the entire opening rather than putting spikes or gel on every possible place a bird could sit, we will offer this solution instead.  When installed above, the netting is highly effective and low in visibility.

Clean Up
On some bird abatement installations, we are required to clean up the bird mess before we can properly install the abatement fixtures. However, we always offer the service of cleaning up any mess that pest birds have made on your property. Since bird droppings are nearly as solid as concrete, they can be difficult to remove. This is why we use pressure washing to remove any bird mess you may have. We can clean up the damaging and health-threatening mess so that you have a fresh start without the pest birds around.

Crystal Clear Window Cleaning & Pressure Wash Services offers bird control solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients.  Call us today at (415) 239-2883 or e-mail cleanglass415@gmail.com for a FREE pest bird assessment and a written proposal.

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